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You're my everything - Santa Esmeralda

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You're My Everything   Santa Esmeralda
    妳是我的一切 山塔艾斯瑪羅達

    La........  La........  La........  La.........
    You're my everything  The sun that shines above you
    你是我的一切    照耀在你身上的陽光
    Makes the blue-bird sing 
    The stars that twinkle way up in the sky Tell me I'm in Love
    天空上繁星熠熠 告訴我:我戀愛了

    #When I kiss your lips I feel the rolling thunder to my fingertips
    當我吻著你的唇    我感到雷霆自指尖滾動
    *You are my everything 
    And all the while my head is in a spin  Deep with in I'm in love #   
    剎那間,天旋地轉    深深的,我愛上了你

    You are my everything
    And nothing's really matters but the love you bring
    你是我的一切    只要有你帶來的愛,甚麼都無關緊要
    You are my everything
    To see you in the morning with those big, brown eyes
    你是我的一切    我想在清晨看見你的棕色的大眼睛

    You're my everything
    Forever and a day  I need you close to me
    你是我的一切    永遠的每一天    我需要你在我身邊
    You are my everything
    You never have to worry, never fear  For I am near  *
    你是我的一切    你永遠不需擔心害怕    因為我在你身邊

    ( solo )  You are my everything
    I live upon the land and see the sky above
    妳是我的一切    我從陸地上仰望天空
    I swim within her ocean, sweet and warm
    There's no storm, my love  ( * )

    When I hold you tight
    There's nothing that can harm you in the lonely night
    I'll come to you and keep you safe and warm
    Yet so strong, my love  ( # ) La... la... la... la... la...