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Street Art Comes Alive in Animated GIFs

本文來自:多姿多采 創作與製圖論壇http://colorful.joinbbs.net/★ 或網路,轉貼請注明出處! 發主題者:讓一切隨風 您是第467位瀏覽者
西班牙攝影師和動態設計師A.L. Crego從利用現有的街頭藝術,使之栩栩如生作出一個有趣的轉折GIF動畫。 Crego一直享受在西班牙當地的街頭藝人的工作,但認為製作件塊移動會給很多很多的含義給他們。為什麼不拍成簡短的藝術?他認為,這不會有同樣的效果,因為那裡將是有著一個開始和結束。相反,GIFS允許片段存在它們的意思是可見的環境中來活著。查看更多他心中彎曲的工作在他的tumblrSpanish photographer and motion designer A.L. Crego puts a fun twist on animated GIFs by taking existing street art and making it come alive. Crego has always enjoyed the work of local street artists in Spain but thought that making the pieces move would give that much more meaning to them. Why not film the art? He believes it would not have the same effect, because there would be a beginning and an end. Instead, the GIFS allow the pieces to come alive in the environments in which they were meant to be seen.