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LOVE - Wynners

本文來自:多姿多采 創作與製圖論壇http://colorful.joinbbs.net/★ 或網路,轉貼請注明出處! 發主題者:讓一切隨風 您是第311位瀏覽者

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L-O-V-E, love...
La La La... love....
I will not give you riches,
Riches are not my wishes,
I'll give you the vow of my life,
L-O-V-E Love La...

L is for life and living
O is the oath of giving,
V and E, vow of enternity,
L-O-V-E Love La....

Though the word may be simple,
Yet the feeling is true and deep,
Here's a pledge for you to keep,
My true love L-O-V-E.

I'll make your life worth living,
I'll take and i'll be giving,
Please take my vow of enternity,
L-O-V-E Love.